Podcast Cassette Tapes

New cassette tape
The case and Micro SD card

Hey! I made a small run of cassette tapes to listen to the first two podcasts. Available to order here for $8 + shipping. These took some effort to finish. It may be the world’s first podcast on tape.

Also included inside each tape case is a micro SD card with podcast mp3s and the essay PDFs. That card can be plugged into an Android phone or tablet to listen and read, if you own one. I credit the SD card idea to Rees of the venue San Diego Content Partners. I duplicated the tapes, hand stamped them, transferred the digital files, designed the insert, and assembled these myself. I walked to my neighborhood print shop for their help with the actual inserts.

My deepest thanks if you read the whole essays I’ve published, listened to the podcasts, shared them with someone, or you decide to order a tape. I do these projects mostly to act on my ideas and stay busy. I do appreciate those who dig what I’m doing or can spare a little cash to keep this running. It’s an expensive world for many of us to live in.

I hope I can inform friends and strangers alike with my writing and voice. I want to see the futuristic utopia that our ancestors envisioned. The rapid expansion of technology, the wealth of first world nations, a few policies that are being suggested, and the work ethic of most people I know can get us there. Stay aware, and recognize when you need a reprieve. Sometimes I overdo the grind myself.

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